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Australian Mist Cat

Why people prefer adopting an older cat
There are many people who find that a kitten is not suitable for their lifestyle or situation.  They may not want to go through all the stages of kittenhood before they can have a companion cat to come home to.  Or being infirm or elderly they may not want a small fast Kamikaze Kitten which may be dangerous underfoot.   Australian Mist breeders often have older cats to place, either rescued cats or ex-breeding queens.  We are also involved with the new breed of Pixiebobs so any that need rescuing will go on this site too.

This space features ex-breeding cats or those whose carers circumstances have changed so that we need to find new homes for them.  For many reasons we find that cats are not suitable for breeding or they are no longer required for a breeding program, whereas they are always eminently suitable as pet cats.  We have two choices with ex-breeding cats, we can desex them, put them in a room or cage away from the others and try to give them some attention or we can find them a home where they will get all the individual attention they crave.  We feel that the latter course is both kinder for the cat and a better repayment for the work they have done for us.     Obviously it can take a special home to take a ex-stud cat who may still be spraying but we have found people who want an outside cat or a barn cat for a rural property and will give our ex-studs a home. Conversely studs often stop spraying when desexed, especially as we can put them on a course of hormones which reduce or stop the need to spray.  These cats should always go to a home without other cats as territorial instincts may cause them to spray again.   For many reasons we also have 'rescue' cats who have come back to us and need to be re-housed.

If an older cat is for you then we have the cats for you.   If you would like to make a home for one of the cats listed above please contact by e-mail or ring on any of the telephone numbers listed with the individual cats.  We usually ask that people  pay to cover the costs of desexing (about $200 depending on the breeder's vet) and all cats are microchipped, wormed and vaccinated.

Australian Mist Breeders will always assist in re-housing any cats where the carers circumstance have changed so PLEASE remember to phone your breeder first if you need to find a new home for your pet.   If your breeder is now unavailable ring Anne Burrows on (02) 9572 9211 or Terry Goulden on (02) 4757 3450 or email us.  As we run breeding catteries we cannot offer to house any re-homes ourselves but they can be advertised on our webpage and we have been successful in placing all cats advertised through our page.

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Older Cats looking for a loving home

We have an Australian Mist and her Somali companion looking for a new home due to changed circumstances.


The Mist is a Blue marble and is 11 years old in September.  She has a beautiful nature and just loves people.  She is gentle cat and is not vocal.  Loves to smooch.  Her name is Lucy Buttonwood.  The Somali id fawn and her name is Natasha and she is 10 years and turns 11 in january.  Like all Somalis she is a little shy and hides from strangers.  She wags her tail and coos when purring.  Very sweet nature and can be vocal and likes to chat.  They are used to being brushed and having their claws clipped and are used to dogs.  Contact alannah.naylor @gmail.com if you can give them a new permapermanent home.